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Versatile Commodore Emulator. Emulates VIC-20, C64 and PET on
Unix/X-Window or MS-DOS/Windows 95 systems.


ccs64-1.09-aix-lib.tar.gz 2009-08-18 201571
CCS64 library for IBM AIX 4.1.4.
ccs64-1.09-i486linux-lib.tar.gz 2009-08-18 182396
CCS64 library for Linux 2.0 (i386 and above).
ccs64-1.09-osf1-lib.tar.gz 2009-08-18 352130
CCS64 library for OSF/1, a.k.a. Digital UNIX 4.0.

ccs64-1.09.1-ui-src.tar.gz 2009-08-18 95089
CCS64 user interface source code. In order to compile it, you will need
the CCS64 library for the target platform.

ccs64.readme 2009-08-18 581
Information about CCS64.

FrodoV4_1a.Src.tar.gz 2009-08-18 350501
Frodo is a free, portable C64 emulator for BeOS, Unix, MacOS, AmigaOS
and Win32 systems.

Author: Christian Bauer <cbauer@iphcip1.physik.uni-mainz.de>

xcbm-0.1.2.tar.gz 2009-08-18 60428
Linux/curses-based C64 emulator. See also

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