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Connect an RS-232C PC mouse as a 1351 to the joystick port.
Connect a normal Atari VCS 2600 style digital joystick to a Commodore 264 series computer.
Video interfaces/adapters


PCkeyb2C64.shar 2009-08-18 26122
Connect an IBM PC keyboard to a C64. This one requires a programmable
switch matrix, which can be difficult to find anywhere.

pet_joystick.txt 2021-06-02 1123
An Atari-Joystick interface for the PET user port

snes_adapter.zip 2021-08-03 54933
SNES Controller/user port adapter, with example test programs in

BASIC 4 by Joe Travis and C src by Steve Lewis

soundcard2tape.html 2009-08-18 4539
An interface from the audio output of a sound card to the tape drive
connector of Commodore computers, designed by Tomaz Kac. Copied from
soundcard2tape.png 2009-08-18 47909
Schematic diagram for Tomaz Kac's tape drive interface.

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