BlackOut 128.cvt 2009-08-18 862
BlackOut 128.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 5415
BlackOut V1.1 by Jean F. Major. An auto-exec screen saver which
blacks the screen after 1 minute. Runs under GEOS128. The document
is in geoWrite V1.1 format.

GEOS128.ZIP 2014-03-10 340783
GEOS 128 v2.0 boot disk

MouseEdit-2.0.cvt 2009-08-18 6991
MouseEdit-2.0.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 14642
MouseEdit V2.0 by James D. Robbins.
Edit the appearance of the VDC mode mouse pointer.

RESCUE 128.cvt 2009-08-18 1868
RESCUE 128.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 4581
Allows you to perform a RAM RBOOT of GEOS 128 regardless of the
arrangement of your drives when you left GEOS and the current
numbering of your drives. Also, if you crash GEOS, allows you to
RBOOT GEOS by going through 64 mode. The document, in geoWrite 2.1
format, might be corrupt.

RPN.readme 2009-08-18 308
RPN128.cvt 2009-08-18 6127
RPN 128 V1.0 by Robert A. Knop Jr.
Calculator for GEOS 128. Reverse Polish Notation?

VDC-background.sfx 2009-08-18 12928
This archive contains geoProgrammer source files (geoWrite 2.1 format)
with routines that implement a 80 column GEOS128 BackGround screen
that uses the free VDC memory in a system with 64K of VDC RAM.
Also included is a short test/demo program (both source and binary).
Ref: Usenet Hacking Mag Issue #3, by Robert A. Knop Jr.

gateWay128.d64.gz 2014-03-10 51843
gateWay 128 boot disk - bootable GEOS compatible OS

geoList80.lnx 2009-08-18 9402
GeoList80 will list a GEOS disk directory to either a Printer, or create
a geoWrite V1.1 document file.
geoterm128.d64.gz 2014-03-10 17247
Modem/Terminal program for GEOS 128

mp3_c128.d64.gz 2014-03-10 98068
megaPatch 3 for GEOS 128 - deskTop replacement and OS patch

pointer128.lzh 2009-08-18 4305
pointer128.readme 2009-08-18 404
Mouse pointer replacement for GEOS 128; source code included.

topdesk128.d64.gz 2014-03-10 41089
topDesk deskTop replacement for GEOS 128

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