Programs that convert images from one format to another.
Graphics editors and accessories for them.
Images to be viewed and used in different GEOS programs.
Software for viewing graphics.


GEOS ICONS.cvt 2009-08-18 13021
geoPaint V1.1 document.
RonsPrefs.lnx 2009-08-18 8960
The Ron's Pref. Collection. This is a collection of eight "Preference" files. Each file is identical with the exception of the pointer's Icon. Most I created specifically for this upload, the Quill and Arrow are older pointers that I've used in the past.
graphpaper.lnx 2009-08-18 67020
Three geoPaint V2.0 files. What exactly are these?
icon-templates.lnx 2009-08-18 5677
Two geoPaint files, named Button and Icons.

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