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Baseball-stats.lnx 2009-08-18 16388
Baseball statistics templates for geoCalc.

CardFile.cvt 2009-08-18 10560
Card Filer V1.0 by Red Storm (Joe Buckley). A simple database program.

Expenses.cvt 2009-08-18 9022
geoCalc V1.0 document.
This GeoCalc 128 template will help keep track of your yearly expenses.
Written by Russ Tahsler.

Family tree.lnx 2009-08-18 10467
Template for use with geoFile to help you keep track of your
family tree. A Photo Scrap for the template is included.

geoCheckBook-1.5-demo.cvt 2009-08-18 12288
geoCheckBook-1.5-docs.cvt 2009-08-18 11914
geoCheckBookV1.5 by Kent L. Smotherman. A demo version of a home
finance program. The documentation is in geoWrite 2.1 format.

geoLogger.cvt 2009-08-18 9353
geoLogger V1.0 by Mike Craig.
GEOS128 80 col. disk file cataloging system. Shareware - $5.00.

video libary.cvt 2009-08-18 8533
GEOFILE V1.0 document.
this is a video libary template. By Dan Barber (J.Barber9)

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