Manuals for the Commodore PET
These manuals were originally distributed with all Commodore computers & peripherals, and can be downloaded for own use if original is missing. Copying and reprinting of these documents are forbidden by copyright law.


Manuals for 64K CBM memory expansion board
Waterloo Manuals for the SP9000 or MMF 9000 "SuperPET"


BASIC_v4_Users_Reference_Manual.pdf 2015-06-24 533259
BASIC 4.0 Users Reference Manual

BASIC_v4_Users_Reference_Manual_addendum.pdf 2017-04-17 2461040
BASIC v4 manual addendum

Bedienungshandbuch PET 2001.pdf 2016-12-25 4151387
Bedienungshandbuch PET 2001 (German Users Manual) Dated 6/78 Scanned by
Christian Dirks from documents lend by Helmut Proxa

C=GermanTechDocs.pdf 2017-12-21 78461496
Various C= PET Technical docs, in German

CBM_8032_Expansison_Memory_Board_64K_Users_Guide.pdf 2015-06-22 992896
Users Guide for 8032 Expansion Board

CBM_Business_Computer_User_Manual-2001.pdf 2015-06-22 18432645
User manual for models 2001-16, 2016N, 2032, 2032N and 3016, 3016N, 3032 &

CBM_DOS_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf 2015-06-22 972630
CBM DOS Erros and Quick Reference

CBM_Models_2001-16,_2016N,_2032,_2032N_and_3016,_3016N,_3032_&_3032N.pdf 2017-04-17 18432645
CBM Business Computer users manual

CBM_User_Manual_(2001-16).pdf 2015-06-22 7094763
User manual for PET 2001-16,16N,32,32N

Commodore_Basic_4_Users_Reference Manual.pdf 2015-06-22 521068
Commodore BASIC 4 Users Reference Manual

PET Users Handbook.pdf 2016-12-25 10948743
PET Users Handbook This seems to be an older version than the PET Users Manual
from october 1978. Scanned by Christian Dirks from documents lend by Helmut

PET_User_Manual_(2001-8).pdf 2015-06-22 6168786
User Manual for PET 2001-8

Pet_User_Manual_Model_2001-8.pdf 2017-04-17 4388658
PET 2001-8 users manual (b&w)

Series_8000_Users_Guide_1980_Commodore.pdf 2015-06-22 3339738
Users Guide for PET/CBM 8000 Series PETs

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