Memory Maps for various Commodore 8-bit computers. Some of these are from ftp://x2ftp.oulu.fi/pub/cbm/maps/.


00index.txt 2009-08-18 1081
An index file that describes the rest of the files
C128CPM.map 2009-08-18 1309
Memory map for the CP/M mode on C128
C128io.doc 2009-08-18 17819
C128 I/O map, including Mem management & REC
C128ram.doc 2009-08-18 50227
C128 RAM map and Jump Tables
C128rom.doc 2009-08-18 28655
List of C128 Basic and Kernel ROM entries
C1541ram.doc 2009-08-18 11680
C= 1541 disk drive RAM map and I/O assignments
C1541rom.doc 2009-08-18 12059
The 1541 disk drive's ROM entry points
C16.MemoryMap 2009-08-18 24960
Plus/4 and C16 RAM, I/O and ROM map
C16io.doc 2009-08-18 7605
C16/116/+4 I/O documented by Michael Stiller
C64.MemoryMap 2009-08-18 30398
C64 RAM and I/O map
C64io.doc 2009-08-18 11251
C64 I/O map
C64ram.doc 2009-08-18 10621
C64 RAM map
C64rom.doc 2009-08-18 18180
List of C64 Basic and Kernel ROM entries
C64rom.lib 2009-08-18 5269
Addresses of various C64 ROM locations
CBM8250.zip 2010-03-15 88973503
A documented ROM dump of the 8250 disk drive DOS. All pages are png files.
PET8032rom-map.txt 2018-03-07 10647
Commodore PET 8032 ROM Memory Map
PETio.txt 2018-03-07 72934
Description of the I/O circuitry and the PET firmware. 6545 info may be incorrect.
PETramMap.txt 2018-03-07 12036
Commodore PET RAM Memory Map
Vic20.MemoryMap 2009-08-18 21620
Vic20 RAM and I/O map
Vic20rom.doc 2009-08-18 15261
List of C64 Basic and Kernel ROM entries
kernel.lib 2009-08-18 591
Asm label declarations for C64 Kernel Jump Table
pet_mem_maps.zip 2010-03-15 11966977
Memory Map for PETs with various ROMs from PET/CBM Guide, Second Edition
plus4.MemoryMap 2009-08-18 24960
Plus/4 and C16 RAM, I/O and ROM map

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