The SuperPET is a 8032 PET with one or two added boards that were designed at the University of Waterloo. The computer has a built-in RS-232C interface and many built-in programming languages. In Europe, this machine was called the MicroMainFrame 9000, or MMF 9000.


SuperPET firmware
Schematic diagrams


Waterloo-Development.d64.gz 2009-08-18 6516
Development Package Examples, typed in by William Levak from the paper documentation
Waterloo-Language-1.d64.gz 2009-08-18 75616
Waterloo Language disk, first version
Waterloo-Language-2.d64.gz 2009-08-18 96801
Waterloo Language disk, first version
Waterloo-Tutorial.d64.gz 2009-08-18 29429
Waterloo Tutorial disk, first version. Together with the two language disks for the first version, the file watlib.exp on this disk forms a complete set of Waterloo software.
Waterloo2-Language-1.d64.gz 2009-08-18 75461
Waterloo Language disk 1, second version. Basic v1.1, editor v1.1, Fortran v1.1, Pascal v1.1.
Waterloo2-Language-2.d64.gz 2009-08-18 97400
Waterloo Language disk 2, second version. APL v1.1, COBOL v1.0, development v1.1, watlib.exp, fpplib.exp.
Waterloo2-Language-No6702-1.d64 2017-03-13 174848
Language disks without MOS 6702 dongle check. By Dave E. Roberts.
Waterloo2-Language-No6702-2.d64 2017-03-13 174848
Language disks without MOS 6702 dongle check. By Dave E. Roberts. - APL v1.0 to APL v1.1 conversion routines
Waterloo2-Tutorial.d64.gz 2009-08-18 35568
Waterloo Tutorial disk, second version:
- APL v1.1 examples
- COBOL examples
astro.d80 2017-03-13 533248
SPMON monitor by Terry Peterson. Sector @56,12 was defective.
basicdisasm.d80 2017-03-13 533248
Waterloo Editor with dongle check removed
bdc62.d80 2017-03-13 533248
BEDIT and DEVEDIT by Joe Bostic
bedcalc10.d80 2017-03-13 533248
BEDCALC 1.0 and BEDIT 1.0 by Joe Bostic. Also SPMON by Terry Peterson.
besrc.d80 2017-03-13 533248
Source for BEDIT and DEVEDIT by Joe Bostic
bostic.d80 2017-03-13 533248
Text editor by Joe Bostic
com-master.zip 2017-03-13 14109200
Com-Master terminal package, by Dan Jeffers. Includes manual, scanned by Michael Cook.
dir-newterm.d80 2017-03-13 533248
DIR, DIRECTORY, and NEWTERM with source
piphelp.d80 2017-03-13 533248
Waterloo microPIP file copy
sp9000lang.d80.gz 2018-03-08 202515
Standard Waterloo SuperPET Language Disk
sp9000tut.d80.gz 2018-03-08 47478
Waterloo language tutorial files disk
superforth51.d80 2017-03-13 533248
SuperFORTH 5.1 programs and docs
telecom.d80 2017-03-13 533248
ISPUG Master Telecom Disk 1.0 for 6809 and 6502
termpkg.d80 2017-03-13 533248
Term package TV920 (Televideo 920 emulator)

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