McTerm is a comm package requiring special rs232 adapter.


c=bbs1.d64.gz 2018-03-07 39467
Steve Punters BBS program for the PET, programs and data disk.
c=bbs2.d64.gz 2018-03-07 27925
Steve Punters BBS program for the PET, instructions and term program
johnsikerscomm.d64.gz 2018-03-09 59535
Disk of unknown utilities by John Sikora. Email me!
p-xp-term.d64.gz 2018-03-08 51331
More term programs: XPTerm103 v1.2, various PTerm versions for 103 and rs232
petcom.d64.gz 2018-03-08 24340
Collection of terminal programs: petcom 3.0 & 3.1, pterm 2.1 & 2.2, and SX-100

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