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c64.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 37085
pre-assembled disk image for the Commodore 64

cbm8x96.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 24059
pre-assembled disk image for 8x96 PETs

oa-2.0.0.base.tar.gz 2009-08-18 340500
GeckOS/A65 2.0.0 without possibly copyrighted stuff

oa-2.0.0.lib.tar.gz 2009-08-18 17642
Lib6502 programs that come with GeckOS/A65

Should be easy to port them to another lib6502-compatible OS (Lunix?)
oa-2.0.0.tar.gz 2009-08-18 407169
GeckOS/A65 version 2.0.0 complete archive
oa-2.0.8.tar.gz 2009-08-18 499780
GeckOS/A65 version 2.1.0-pre8. Includes preliminary FAT16 and SCSI support.

pet32k.d64.gz    (dir) 2009-08-18 31128
pre-assembled disk image for PETs with 32k of RAM

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