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4040n8x50test.d80.gz 2018-03-09 60420
4040 and 8x50 test and diagnostic tools
8032.mem.prg 2009-08-18 3073
This program, copied from the 8096 system disk, tests the memory on the 64k board. All other programs on the 8096 system disk are identical to the programs on the 8296 disk.
8050diag35.d80.gz 2018-03-09 73559
8050 Diagnostics programs, v3.5
8050exam.d80.gz 2018-03-09 4599
8050 Physical Exam
8250exam.d82.gz 2018-03-09 5415
8250 Physical Exam
PET_Rabbit_BASIC_3.zip 2016-10-19 5865
Tape accelleration wedge for BASIC 3 Commodore PET with 32K of RAM
cbm4032 any hz.prg 2009-08-18 912
cbm4032 any hz.txt 2009-08-18 2704
This utility switches a 80 column PET to 40 column mode. Unlike the CBM4032 50 Hz program distributed in the educational software collections http://www.funet.fi/pub/cbm/pet/edu/Canada/, this one should work with all 80 column PETs.
cbmeqtest.d64.gz 2018-03-08 30549
8032 mem tests, 64k ram exp test, burn-in test, disk perf
cbmeqtest.dir.txt 2018-03-09 348
cbmutildisk.d64.gz 2018-03-09 85566
Various utilities. See cbmutildisk.dir.txt for contents.
cbmutildisk.dir.txt 2018-03-09 1479
diagslevak.d64.gz 2012-11-21 16089
PET Diagnostics tools, uploaded by William Levak
diagslevak.txt 2012-11-21 2339
Information about diagslevak.d64.gz
diagtest1.d64.gz 2018-03-09 41852
Test and diagnostic utilities for CBM computers and drives. A superset of cbmeqtest.d64.gz See diagtest1.dir.txt for contents.
diagtest1.dir.txt 2018-03-09 696
disk append.prg 2009-08-18 124
Type SYS 826 to append something to a file.
emutil.prg 2017-06-04 6773
emutil.readme 2017-06-04 1000
EMUTIL is a disk image archiver for most Commodore computers.
It supports all known Commodore disk drives, of all capacities. It also supports all CMD HD and RL Native partitions. Programmed by Bo Zimmerman and André Fachat.
fireball-xl7.prg 2009-08-18 19074
Fireball XL7 Offline HTML reader for PET 80XX computers.
house finder.prg 2009-08-18 4306
A utility for real estate dealers. The data is written on tape.
load addr.prg 2009-08-18 1947
Edit the load address of a file. This seems to be the ancestor of the Vic-20 utility "Edit Load Addr."
lynx8017.prg 2009-08-18 21430
LYNX Utility for PET computers.
mem-softtools.d64.gz 2018-03-09 69077
Memory utilities, and numerous option roms with instructions for loading.
mem-softtools.dir.txt 2018-03-09 1160
romload8096.d64.gz 2018-03-08 67905
Program to load various productivity app option roms into 64k 8032 expansion via software. Several application roms are included.
sfdfinal.d82.gz 2018-03-08 23075
SFD Final Burn-In Test disk, probably from Commodore
softrom.d64.gz 2018-03-08 88748
Soft-ROM master disk, contains option roms for numerous apps, required special board
talk.prg 2009-08-18 4988
Demo utility for the CBM 4010 voice unit.
tbtools1.d64.gz 2018-03-09 73795
Assorted tools and utilities, many prog and disk related. See *.dir.txt for contents.
tbtools1.dir.txt 2018-03-09 1711
tbutils1.d64.gz 2018-03-09 69112
Assorted tools and utilities, many prog and disk related. See *.dir.txt for contents.
tbutils1.dir.txt 2018-03-09 986
tbutils2.d64.gz 2018-03-09 64718
Assorted tools and utilities, many prog and disk related. See *.dir.txt for contents.
tbutils2.dir.txt 2018-03-09 899
tbutils3.d64.gz 2018-03-09 33367
Assorted tools and utilities, many prog and disk related. See *.dir.txt for contents.
tbutils3.dir.txt 2018-03-09 290
tbutils4.d64.gz 2018-03-09 59377
Assorted tools and utilities, many prog and disk related. See *.dir.txt for contents.
tbutils4.dir.txt 2018-03-09 725
univdemo.d64.gz 2018-03-08 76211
DOS Wedge, plus numerous test/diag tools and utils for PET drives
utils8032.d64.gz 2018-03-08 25127
Various 8032 computer utilities: screen align and test, disk test, memory test, 40 col screen, etc

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