George Page's Commodore collection, part 1

The pictures in this directory have a very international background. George Page, an American Commodore collector, sent the photos of his disk drives to me, a Finnish C= enthusiast, while I was in Lübeck, Germany. The pictures were scanned by my German friend Andreas Boose, and transferred to Finland by disk and over the net.

Below is the description George Page sent me with the photos. Hope you enjoy them!

Also thumbnails of the pictures are available: 1-10, 11-20.

Description of Commodore computer pictures

Here are the descriptions for the pictures -- I hope you can identify all OK. These are all "things" I own.

1: Two different CBM adding machines and calculators, and a pair of Commodore walkie talkies and a Commodore mini tape recorder.

2: Five different standard 1530 Datasettes & 1531 Plus/4 Datasette, & 2 aftermarket datcorders (b/w box is for black C2N, other for white).

3: 8061 dual 8", 9060 & 9090 hard-drives, 2040, MDS 6500 (Microcomputer Development System) 2040, 4040.

4: 2031, 2 different cased 2031LP's, SFD1001, 8050, 8250. (all above are IEEE488 drives).

5: VIC1541, several different 1541's, 1541B's, 8250LP (IEEE), several different 1541C's.

6: Backside view of previous drive group, showing different ID and FCC labels all mixed up.

7: Two different 1541-II's (top is belt drive Newtronics, bottom is direct drive Chinon: difference visible in lever recess) and 1570.

8: My main "stack". Bottom to top:Newtronics 1571, Alps 1571, CMD HD20, 2 1581's, CMD FD4000.

9: Two different VIC20's. "Square key" with early logo, and rounded keys with newer logo.

10: Earliest (I believe) 64 case style, standard 64 case (with "intermediate" style keyboard), 64C style case.

11: C65!

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17: Several different views of the European 128D (plastic case, rare in USA).

18: 2nd party after-market drives. Bottom: back & front of MSD SD-1, MSD SD-2, Lien-Yig (sold under a few different names). Top: Concourde C321-P, 2 different colored Enhancer 2000's.

19: Bottom to top, Left to Right: Excellerator/Oceanic FSD-1, Excellerator FSD-2, Golden Image FSD-2, 2 different Indus GT models (twist lever and squeeze lever), 2 mirror imaged Blue Chip BCD5.25's (1541 clone), Rapid Access FD148 ('41), Blue Chip BCD128 ('71), Roctec RF512C ('71), Amtech RF512C ('71).

20: Hard drives: I.C.T. Data Chief & Mini Chief (with power supply), Lt Kernal with multiplexer and host adaptor & cable.

Later George sent me another set of pictures.