Freezer cartridges allow the running program to be stopped, so that memory images can be backed up, modified or restored.


KCSPowerCartridgeSchematic.pdf 2010-02-08 21286
KCS Freezer Cart schematic. See http://commodore.edkhome.nl/hwproj/kcspower/
MK.gif 1996-11-04 29866
MK7PLA.txt 1996-11-04 2341
Schematic diagram of an Action Replay freezer cartridge clone, and the contents of the PLA chip required for the cartridge.
action73.bin 1996-03-15 32768
Firmware for "Action Plus v. 7.3". The texts are in German.
action73.gif 1999-01-26 25497
Reverse engineered schematic diagram of "Action Plus v. 7.3". This looks like an Action Replay freezer cartridge by Datel. Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, July 2, 1999. Downloaded from
fc1.gif 2002-02-21 28942
Schematic diagram of the Final Cartridge I.
fc3.gif 2002-02-21 18951
Schematic diagram of the Final Cartridge III.

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