CBM IEEE-488 cartridges VIC-1112 reverse-engineered by Wolfgang Günther <woll@wolltronic.de>


1110010.png 2002-02-15 592273
Schematic diagram, IEEE-488 interface board, K. Takagi, 2/5/81, CBM Osaka, Japan, 1110010 rev. A, used on VC-1112.
325329-04.bin 1999-07-16 2048
Firmware for the VIC-1112 (325329-03 has the same contents)
README 1999-07-19 1034
Description of the VIC-1112 interface and of the schematic diagrams
schematics.ps 1999-07-31 54531
VIC-1112 Schematic diagram of the interface in PostScript format. Reverse engineered by Wolfgang Günther.
schematics.tif 1999-07-31 19144
Conversion of the VIC-1112 file schematics.ps in TIFF format.
vie-rom-9c00.prg 2016-10-10 1026
Firmware for VIE IEEE-488 cartridge, @$9c00, started with sys 40000
vie.gif 2016-10-10 71939
Reverse engineered schematic diagram of an IEEE-488 cartridge, drawn by William Levak. See also ../../c64/cie.gif.

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