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These programs are © Aleksi Eeben (aleksi@cncd.fi), http://www.cncd.fi/aeeben/.


big time [cncd].prg 2002-03-09 2962
CNCD's entry at Assembly 2001. A huge scroller and a number of smaller

dragonwing.prg 2002-01-31 3137
A fast-scrolling game. Collect fuel cells (marked with 'F') and avoid
colliding with the walls.

frozen.prg 2002-03-04 2072
Frozen time, a full-screen sinus effect plus one-line smooth scroller.

happyhour.prg 2002-03-08 2502
Eight vertical raster splits plus one-line smooth scroller.
Improved from rasterbar.prg.

plotter.prg 2001-08-13 2393
Shaded double sine dots/blocks plus one-line coarse scroller.

rasterbar.prg 2002-03-05 2859
Five vertical raster splits. plus one-line smooth scroller.
See happyhour.prg.

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