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Best Paint.lnx.gz    (dir) 2001-09-16 15314
Best Paint.txt 2001-09-16 265
A drawing program by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in
September 1990, and a number of demo pictures. Requires 16 kilobytes
of expansion memory.

Charsetdreher.prg 2001-09-16 2665
Charsetdreher.txt 2001-09-16 99
A utility for rotating character sets by multiples of 90 degrees.
Written by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de) in January 1991.
Relocate the BASIC to at least $2201 (poke44,34) before loading.

FCD Anleitung.prg 2001-09-16 6835
Instructions to Future Characterset Designer. Before loading,
type poke44,28:poke7168,0:new.
FCD.prg 2001-09-16 2233
Future Characterset Designer by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de)
in 1989. Before loading, type poke44,28:poke7168,0:new. Requires RAM
at BLK1 and BLK5.

Joypaint+.prg 2001-09-16 3330
A joystick-controlled painting program by Andreas Dietmair
(andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1989. Requires RAM at BLK1 and BLK5.
The program is autostarting, so remember to write load"Joypaint+",8,1.

JoypaintBasic.prg 2001-09-16 2380
A joystick-controlled painting program BASIC by Andreas Dietmair
(andi.diaet@t-online.de) in 1989. Slow, since it is entirely in BASIC.
Type poke44,32:poke8192,0:new before loading. Requires 8k expansion.

MCCharsetEdit.prg 2001-09-16 4595
Multicolor charset editor v2.0 by Andreas Dietmair (andi.diaet@t-online.de)
in 1989. Requires 8k expansion.

picasso.lnx    (dir) 2002-03-09 11337
Picasso v1.2, a bitmap graphics editor by Aleksi Eeben (aleksi@cncd.fi),
http://www.cncd.fi/aeeben/. Requires 3k or 8k expansion.

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