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All these are 8kB cartridges. Instructions for these tools are welcome.


Assam.prg 1997-05-10 8194
An assembler. SYS700 to start.

BASIC V5.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A simple BASIC extension with some disk commands and a machine language
monitor. Type COMMANDS to get a command list.

ExBASIC L2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A BASIC extension. Type HELP for a command list.

Handy Toolkit.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A BASIC extension or BASIC programming aid.

HesWriter.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A very primitive text editor by HES.

Household Finance.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Plan your personal finances. By Creative Software. This is essentially
the same as Personal Finance.

LADS-be01.prg 1997-07-17 5112
LADS assembler, SYS 48641 to start. No instructions.

Mikro Assembler-6000.prg 2002-06-16 4098
Mikro Assembler-a000.prg 2002-06-16 4098
An assembler cartridge for the VIC-20.
Mikro Assembler-pics.zip 2002-06-19 104973
Pictures of the manual cover page, cartridge case and the circuit board.
Mikro Assembler.readme 2002-06-16 1345
Notes on Mikro Assembler
Mikro Assembler.txt 2002-06-18 33440
The manual of Mikro Assembler. Vic Pack VP078 © 1982 Supersoft Ltd.
Manufactured and distributed in UK by Audiogenic, P.O. Box 88, Reading, Berks.

Personal Finance.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Plan your personal finances. By Creative Software.

PET Loader.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A PET emulator (40 column screen). Requires at least a 8 kilobyte memory

Quick Brown Fox-sys24576.prg 1996-11-27 8194

Synthesound.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A sound program by HES.

Turtle Graphics-2.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A slightly different version of above.

Turtle Graphics.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A Logo interpreter written in BASIC.
VC-Extra.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Some sort of expansion that might have something to do with machine
Autostart, starting address $A000.

Vic Forth 1.00.prg 1997-05-10 8194
VIC Forth by Peter Bengtson.

Vic Forth 1.10.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A newer version of VIC Forth.

Vic Graph.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Plots diagrams of given functions. Written in BASIC to a big extent!

Vic Stat.prg 1997-08-03 8194
A statistics and graphics orientated cartridge by Datatronic, Sweden.
The demo on the cartridge has been written using the extended BASIC
syntax supplied by the cartridge.

vic-forth-hes-rom.zip 2020-01-27 4769699
VIC Forth from HES -- includes documentation

Wordcraft 20-6000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Wordcraft 20-a000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A word-processing cartridge. Requires at least an 8kB memory expansion.

Wordcraft-6000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Wordcraft-a000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Wordcraft-orig-6000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
Wordcraft-orig-a000.prg 1997-05-10 8194
A word-processing cartridge by UMI. Press F3 to do a normal RESET, F1
to start the cartridge. The original version does not run in RAM.

Write Now-sys41000.prg 1997-04-23 8194
A word-processing cartridge.

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