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emutil.prg 2021-09-10 6572
emutil.readme 2017-06-04 1000
EMUTIL is a disk image archiver for 8-bit Commodore computers.

It supports all known Commodore disk drives, of all capacities.
It also supports all CMD HD and RL Native partitions. Programmed by
Bo Zimmerman and André Fachat.

practicalc-wdocs.zip 2019-07-22 18301508
Practicalc -- includes tap, prg, and pdb docs.

Practicalc.csm.gz 2003-05-17 5893
Tape image of Practicalc.
Practicalc.prg 2003-05-17 6163
Practicalc 1.6, a spreadsheet program. The program is copyrighted 1982
by Computer Software Associated, 50 Teed Drive, Randolph, MA 02368.
Program by Sandy Ruby, manual by Kathleen F. Nolan.
This software REQUIRES a 16Kbyte expansion, 24K is recommended.

Schreibmaschinenkurs.csm.gz 2002-04-11 8924
Tape image of Schreibmaschinenkurs.
Schreibmaschinenkurs.prg 2002-04-30 5888
A touch typing course by Commodore Germany, January 1983. The exercise
texts are accessed from tape.
Schreibmaschinenkurs.seq 2002-04-30 6495
An exercise text file for Schreibmaschinenkurs. Write this to an unnamed

vic3301_simplicalc.g64.gz 2024-03-01 17588
SimpliCalc from Commodore

vic3304_vicfile.g64.gz 2024-03-01 75283
VicFile from Commodore

vic3305_vicwriter.g64.gz 2024-03-01 14790
VicWriter from Commodore
data tape file with OPEN1,1,1,"":...:CLOSE1, or use the tape image.

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