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Disk-related utilities for the C128 CP/M


c8filcpy.lbr 2005-09-19 11392
Copies files using virtual drive E:

htk20.lzh 2005-09-19 17825
Several utilities from Myklos Garamszeghy, the author of
Jugg'ler 128
jugg34.lzh 2005-09-19 47090
Jugg'ler 128. Gives C128 CP/M support for a lot more CP/M disk formats
mkdir32.lbr 2005-09-19 13312
mkdir32.readme 2005-09-19 201
MKDIR is used to edit existing named directory files and to create new ones.

msdosem.lzh 2005-09-19 11588
MSDOS.COM is a program for C128 CP/M that installs an MS-DOS
compatible disk system. You can use MS-DOS disks under CP/M. You can
not use this program to run MS-DOS software.

rampak.ark 2005-09-19 135552
rampak.dzc 2005-09-19 4608
C128 ramdisk utils with PROFILE.SUB
rampakd.ark 2005-09-19 77568
Documents for RAMPAK Utilities

rdms233c.lbr 2005-09-19 47104
Read MSDOS disks on Commodore C128

sd138b.lbr 2005-09-19 78976
Super Directory 138b source.

spzap128.ark 2005-09-19 55185
C-128 full-screen disk editor

trans12c.lbr 2005-09-19 74124
Read/write/format/ren/del files in CP/M on MS/PC-DOS disks; hard coded to
drive A: (1571); Pascal source included

unidrive.pma 2005-09-19 10834
Gives C128 CP/M support for more CP/M disk formats

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