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clock128.lbr 2005-09-19 12416
clock128.readme 2005-09-19 1899
Use RightTime clock to set C128 time

crr0160.lzh 2005-09-19 54771
Latest version of CRR, an offline reader supporting QWK and XRS formats.
You'll also need a text editor, archivers and unarchivers.
crrpatch.com 2005-09-19 8704
Patch for correcting a bug in CRR 1.60 which displays some incorrect dates.

date2000.lzh 2005-09-19 25973
Allows entering dates after the year 2000

key128-3.lbr 2005-09-19 18688
This LBR contains LOADKEY3.COM and SAVEKEY3.COM, utilities that load
or save keyboard definition files for C128 CP/M.

ql.com 2005-09-19 8960
Quick Look - very good utility to browse text files in library (.LBR)
files, can handle crunched files and can also selectively
extract/uncrunch any files from a library.

rdcbm21.pma 2005-09-19 13505
Reads CBM disks on 1541/1571 drives and transfer files to CP/M

rootsm.arc 2005-09-19 104832
Trace back your ancestry up to 99 Generations....SHEESH!

vde-c128.ark 2005-09-19 91903
VDE266 for the Commodore C=128
vdejus12.lbr 2005-09-19 14464
VDE justify-text module.....finally!

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