* Full CBM Color Graphics Capability.
* Looks great in ASCII and ANSI modes as well, supporting ALL Computer Types.
* Fully customizable. System files are provided but you may edit them and create others to
customize the BBS the way you and your users like.
* Year 2000 compliant.

Hardware Compatibility
* Swiftlink/Turbo232 Compatible.
* 1700 series RAM Expander, RAMLink, & RAMDrive compatibility for instantaneous program
file loading.
* C-Net 128 uses the 80 Column video chip exclusively for screen output.
* CMD Hard Drive and FD-2000 Compatible.
* Lt. Kernel Hard Drive compatible.
* Compatible with almost every Commodore compatible Disk Drive.
* Compatible with most User Port modems.
* C-Net 128 can use the CMD HD or FD internal Clock to keep time.

User Friendly
* Users may log on as a Guest to look around the system before applying for membership.
* Call Back Validation for Local Callers (Set up by SysOp).
* User Personal Info/Terminal/Preference Changer allows your users to change their personal
information like address, phone number, birth date, terminal settings, and their personal
* On-Line Help System.

* Local mode logon for SysOp.
* Remote Administration/Maintenance.
* Full logging shows the actions of every user who logs onto your C-Net 128 BBS.
* Auto-Maintenance Subsystem performs nightly maintenance of BBS. Including User Weed,
Restarting/Printing out Logs, Message Base Weed, Auto-Backup of files, etc.
* Monitoring and Control System (M.A.C.S.).
* System Monitor checks peripherals, memory and warns of low disk space.
* System Activity Monitor (S.A.M.) shows BBS vital statistics.
* Activity Chart shows peaks in BBS usage.
* Full control over E-Mail System.
* Enable\Disable Message Bases and U/D Bases.
* You are able to change a user's access group, how much time he has remaining, and toggle
on or off several other system functions without interfering with the system's operation.
* User Hold function, put user on hold while you roam around the BBS to accomplish any task
without the user seeing.
* Built in file copier for easier system maintenance, which means you need not drop the
system to update it or make changes.
* Dos Shell provided for On-Line Basic 7.0 programming!
* The sysop can set the credit system for each individual user or Security level.

* Sysop has total control over User access.
* 15 Definable Security Levels.
* For Security no users passwords show on screen, just ********
* Make the BBS completely private for top security.
* Remote Maintenance password protected.

* Network your BBS with over 50 other Commodore BBS' worldwide!
* Network Capabilities. Comes with Pearako Network Software v1.9.
* Networked E-Mail
* Networked Message Bases
* Networked BBS List
* Networked Feedback

* C-Net 128 Editor: Graphics abilities include scrolls left & right, pauses, bells, screen
flashing, MCI (Message Command Interpreter) Commands, and ANSI Commands.
* Editor also features 40 or 80 column word wrap and C128 Graphics including Underlining,
Flashing, Windows, and more. Minimal garbage collection for Error-Free graphics.

Message Boards
* Unlimited Message Boards.
* Instantaneous new message knowledge with super fast access.
* Anonymous Posting, you can set by each Message Base.
* New Scan Ability to read all new messages on all subs only stopping for the option for
you to post or skip ahead to another.
* Assign Message Base maintenance to users as SubOps.
File Transfers
* File Transfer Section with unlimited Upload/Download directories.
* Punter, X-modem, X-modem CRC, X-modem 1k and Y-Modem Batch transfer protocols.
* Private Option to allow for sysop approval of all files before it appears on the regular
users directory.
* Full length file descriptions which uploader writes before transmission.
* Multiple file transfers, upload and download.

Electronic Mail
* Internet Mail through CIEG gateway
* Each user has an In-Box, Sent Mail Folder and Archive Folder.
* Reply to messages.
* Forward messages.
* Send File Attachments.
* Request Return Receipts.
* Network E-mail.
* Personal Address Books.

Built-In Terminal Program
* Built in Full-Color Graphics Terminal for calling out to other BBS's.
* Punter, X-modem, X-modem CRC, X-modem 1k and Y-modem Batch uploads and downloads.
* ASCII and ANSI graphics also available.
* Includes Phone Book.

* Full documentation provided.
* Unlimited G-Files (on-line text files) and P-Files (on-line games, "doors", utilities
* News Files.
* Random One-Liners.
* Graffiti Wall.
* User List.
* BBS Listing System.
* Voting System.
* Dating Subsystem.
* Account Summary.
* Today's Callers.
* Activity Queue.
* Update Clock if Daylight Savings Time

*Plus much, much, more!