The Fiasco of 2001

In memoriam of this unique event, I present a small story. In Spring of 2001, after over 4 years of scouring for any signs of CBM-II machines OTHER than the B128, it happened: the German floodgates opened up, and machines that had never before been available all came up for auction at once, along with some unique variations of PETs, as well as numerous other machines on my wanted list. At the same time, I had decided to pull quite a few machines out of storage to do some work on them. What resulted in my tiny apartment can only be described as a train wreck:

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures...

  • My living room became a computer camp ground:

  • The guest bedroom became a work shop:

  • ... with nowhere to sleep:

  • Machines were parked in every nook and cranny:

  • Boxes stood idly wherever they would fit:

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