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Commodore 1670

The 1670 was Commodores first "Hayes Compatible" modem. Hayes compatibility meant that the modem understood a series of control commands that had become the standard modem "language" (a language still used today). Commodore marketed the 1670 at Commodore 128 users, even going so far as to claim that the Commodore 64 was too slow to use the 1670 at 1200 baud. This was false, however; the Commodore 64 could use the 1670 without problems. The original 1670 also had an annoying feature of answering your phone on the first ring automatically whenever it was plugged in. Later, a newer version of the modem was released with a dip switch allowing you to turn this "feature" off. This later version was called the "New 1670" or the "1670CR", and except for the extra dip switch in back, was identical to the old 1670 modem.

Model      : 1670
Connection : Direct Line/Connect
Interface  : CBM User port
Speed      : 300/1200 baud
Notes      : Pulse and Tone dial

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