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The Commodore
VIC-1010, VC-1020 and

cbm/VICnTED/vic1010.gif Please read the entry for the VIC-20 and VC-20 before proceeding.

The VIC-1010 is an optional expansion to the VIC-20 manufactured by Commodore UK. It plugs into the VIC-20's game/expansion/bus port, providing 6 more such ports along the top. The rest of the unit sits behind and a bit off to the right of the machine, preventing any obstruction of the VIC's other ports. Built into the 1010 is a 220V power supply to supplement the computer's supply.

cbm/VICnTED/vc1020.gif The VIC-1020 and VC-1020 are another optional expansion to the VIC series computers. Made out of the same folded metal that the PETs were, it includes a form-fitten area to secure the VIC-20 or VC-20 with an opening for the joystick port. The VIC computers power is plugged into a power pass-through provided by the 1020, which is fused. A seperate power switch turns on power to the combined unit. The computer also plugs into a 6-slot cartridge expander located inside the unit. Room is also available for a tape drive, or modem to be internally mounted. Holes in the back provide access for these. Lastly is a RF adaptor mounted in the lid, with a cable to the VIC computer video port. cbm/vic/vc1020inside.gif

Personal Note: The VIC-1010 came from an eBay auction. The VC1020 came from an eBay Deutschland! auction.

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