3rd party firmware for the PET


324381-01b.bin 2017-05-23 4096
PET High Speed Graphic Rev 1B
BATPRO.zip 2009-08-18 1271231
Basic, Assembly, & Text Processor. Includes ROM images, pdf docs.
Basic Expand-a000.bin 2009-08-18 4096
Basic Expand is a support tool for the Basic programmer on CBM3016/3032 machines. It contains a lot of helpful additional Basic commands such
The file is for a 4k EPROM located at the addresses $a000-$afff. Uploaded by: guettich@t-online.de
Basic Expand.txt 2009-08-18 3541
User's manual of Basic Expand (in German)
Monjana1Assembler.38000.bin 2015-12-08 2048
Mojana Assember, labeled MON 697B. Started with SYS 38000
OrgaBASIC101-a000.bin 2011-11-23 4096
ORGABASIC 101 V 1.4.015 (A000-AFFF)
PaperClip20.bin 2017-03-08 2048
Option rom labeled CES PaperClip 2.0
PetMaster_Superchip_QuickRef.pdf 2010-03-29 399298
QuickReference chart for PetMaster Superchip.
arrow-a000.bin 2009-08-18 2048
A 3600 baud tape fastloader.
arrow.txt 2009-08-18 863
Instructions for Arrow.
characters-901447-10m.bin 2014-03-02 2048
Custom char generator for PET. Unknown author.
com40n.bin 2009-02-28 4096
Command-O ROM
edex_4.4_french_a000_ud11.bin 2015-08-18 4096
Option rom found in UD11 of a French 8096 computer
infodesigns-20447.bin 2014-03-02 2048
Unknown UD12 chip labeled Info Designs
mikromon.bin 2016-04-24 4096
Mikromon rom from cbm 3008
msvweigh-a000.bin 2009-08-18 4096
This program controls an electronic scale.
newtim-9000.bin 2009-08-18 4096
NEWTIM S is an expanded TIM monitor for the CBM3016/3032. It contains 40 additional commands such as assembler and disassembler and supports comfortable printer output. In addition, it contains a DOS wedge that can be accessed from BASIC.
The file is for a 4k EPROM located at the addresses $9000-$9fff. Uploaded by: guettich@t-online.de
newtim.txt 2009-08-18 12485
User's manual of NEWTIM S (in German)
newtim31-9000.bin 2011-11-23 4096
newtim v.3.1 o.p.104 (9000-9FFF)
pet80.zip 2017-07-03 17490
eproms from a 9" 40 to 80 column adapter in a CBM 3008
pet8032sk_sv-UD11-2732-104883B.bin 2009-08-18 4096
An $a000 ROM inside a Swedish 8032-SK, an 2732 EPROM labeled 104883B. What is this? Dumped by MagerValp@cling.gu.se.
petbasic2-erweiterung-b000.bin 2009-08-18 2048
This is a German BASIC expansion (BASIC ERWEITERUNG 1), started with
petester.bin 2015-07-19 4096
Kernel replacement that tests non-CRTC PET memory and screen
pettester8032.bin 2015-07-19 4096
8032 version of pettester.bin, supports CRTC
programmersToolkitArticlesPDF.tar.gz 2010-03-29 2252777
Two PDFs with some high level usage information about PET Programmers Toolkit.
s-tool_ud3.bin 2017-03-06 4096
Disk Wedge + keyboard autorepeat option ROM found on an italian 3032 on position UD3. Activated by SYS37000.
spellmaster-9000.bin 2014-03-02 4096
Spellmaster ROM for the Spellmaster spell checking program used with Wordpro. This is a 2532 EPROM with a gold colored paper label and is located at $9000.
suo-9000.bin 2009-08-18 4096
The contents of a TMS2532JL EPROM labelled SUO 001024, plugged into the UD12 socket of a Finnish CBM 8032-SK (Commodore Model 200). Can anyone figure out what this ROM is supposed to do?
superchip-9000.bin 2009-08-18 2048
An editor enhancement.
superchip-toolkit.txt 2009-08-18 1183
Instructions for Superchip and Toolkit, which can be used together and with Arrow.
toolkit-b000.bin 2009-08-18 2048
toolkit-b000.txt 2009-08-18 1324
The BASIC Programmer's Toolkit (3032 version). Adds new commands to PET's BASIC interpreter.
visicalc-9000.901472-04.bin 2009-08-18 4096
Firmware for running all versions of Visicalc. The chip was manufactured by MOS Technologies, and it is mapped at the $9000-$9fff area.
watbas2-t2193.bin 2014-03-02 2048
Waterloo Structured BASIC for basic v2 PETs. sys36864 to start.
watbas4-5929.bin 2014-03-02 2048
Waterloo Structured BASIC for UD12 on basic v4 PETs. sys36864 to start.
wordcraft-9000.bin 2009-08-18 4096
2532 EPROM, "Wordcraft, HI7, UD12". The chip was installed in the socket UD12 of a CBM 8032 with Finnish keyboard layout.
wordpro-a000.bin 2014-03-02 4096
ROM for the Wordpro word processor for the PET. This is a mask programmed ROM labeled PSI-5054 and is located at $A000. It is used for version 4 and 5 of Wordpro. Version 3 did not require a ROM.
wordpro3-keyrom.bin 2014-03-02 4096
Uncertain, but apears to be wordpro v3 keyrom.

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