My home systems in Austin, Texas, from 1997-2002, Page II.

(a picture of my Plus-4/C16)

This is the Commodore Plus/4 computer. This amazing little
business computer includes integrated word processor (Easy
Script), Spread Sheet, Graphics package, and File Manager.
I have a 1551 5.25" parallel disk drive and a black MPS803
printer to support it. I use this machine to keep budgets
and any text notes I should need to take. Below the Plus/4
is a C16 with 1531 tape drive. The monitor is a CM-141 monitor.

(a picture of my A4000)

Here was my second web surfing/email machine. It is an
Amiga 4000 with a 68040/40 upgrade processor. It has
installed 52 megabytes of ram, two 3.5" floppy drives
(one is High Density and the other is Low Density), a 6X
CD-ROM drive, and a 2 gigabyte hard drive, partitioned four
ways, two FFS and two LINUX. On the FFS Partitions, I have
Amiga OS 3.5 with Cross-Dos 7.0 installed.

(a picture of my VIC-20)

And here is my beloved VIC-20. It has been upgraded to
32K of ram, with a pair of switches on the back right.
One switch is to enable/disable this memory, and the other
switch is to set the memory Read-Only. Supporting the VIC
is a Commodore joystick and a pair of paddles, my 1540 disk
drive, a C2N Datasette, and 1802 monitor. I have tons of
little games and utilities in the disk box above the drive,
as well as more cartridges than you can shake a stick at.

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