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After years of Commodore 64 usage, upgrading later to a Commodore 128, and finally to a Commodore 128D and SX-64, it was a yearning to play with a Commodore Plus/4 back in 1994 that started this whole accumulative process.

By the time I graduated college back in 1996, my collection was small, but well established. It was after I graduated and moved to Austin, however, that the collection grew in earnest. Eventually, my Austin home reached a saturation point. Only a select few machines remained at home all the time, with the bulk floating in and out as I undertook different projects. This forced me to move to the suburbs in order to give my commodore habit some elbow room.

These days, my Round Rock, Texas home contains a fully functional Commodore lab complete with dozens of ready-to-go systems, hordes of books and reference material, gobs of software at hand, and enough parts to rebuild half of them twice over.

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