My home systems in Austin, Texas, from 1997-2002, Page III.

(a picture of my PETs)

This is my PETing zoo. :) See below for a description.

(a picture of my PETs)(a picture of my PETs)

From right to left, you'll find a B128 with SFD-1001, PET 4032 with 4040 drive
and 1531 datasette, SuperPET SP9000 with 8050 drive and 8023P printer, Educator 64
with VIC1541 drive, CBM 8032-SK with 8250 drive and 2022 printer, PET 8032 with
8050 drive, PET 2001-8K with a PET2001-32N underneath, and a CBM 2040 drive.

(a picture of my C128)

Here is another hard working system. It includes a Commodore 128
with two 1581 drives, and two 1571 drives, an M3 mouse or Koala
Pad, CBM 1902 monitor, and a Commodore MPS1000 printer.
This system also has a second SID chip installed, so that
stereo speakers are needed to hear it in full splendor.
A JiffyDOS chip upgrade rounds out this systen.

(a picture of my CBM 8088)

This is a real-life Commodore PC. It is an 8088 based system
with 20 meg hard drive and dual 360k 5.25" floppy drives.
This computer boots to PC geoworks, although since I've installed
4 parallel ports, it can act as a 64NET server when needed.

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