My home systems in Round Rock, Texas, from 2002-Present, Page I.

(a picture of my C128D)

Here is my main momma, the Commodore 128D.
Dual processor, three internal operating modes, and
an internal fan make this a COOL computer for the new millenium.
13 meg RamLink, with 2048k 17XX REU, JiffyDos chip upgrades,
Turbo232 RS232 with Palm ethernet adaptor, 100mb CMD Zip Drive,
SuperCPU128 at 20mhz with 16 mb ram, 3.5" 2.88mb FD-4000,
a 5.25" 170k 1541-II drive, internal 5.25" 360K 1571 drive,
3.5" 880k 1581 drive, CBM 1902a mono monitor, C2N Tape
Drive, CMD SmartMouse, and one C= mouse pad.

The Ramlink autoboots an invisible keysensing OS menu in c64
and c128 mode. F1-F8 are used to select GEOS (with
14 1581 partitions), Lunix, or ACE in c64 mode.
F1-F8 boot ACE, CS-DOS, or BBR in c128 mode.

(a picture of my SX64)

Providing backup computing power is this Commodore SX64,
a portable C64 with built in color monitor and 5.25" 1541 disk drive.
This system today includes a 512k GEORAM REU, a second 3.5" 1.44mb
FD-2000 drive, JiffyDos ROMs, internal fan, 200mb CMD hard drive, and a CMD SmartMouse.

(a picture of my games console)

This is my livingroom setup. You'll find here a Commodore CDTV with 1411
floppy drive, keyboard (top), mouse, and tons of 3.5" games. Below
the CDTV is my CD32 game console.

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