My home systems in Round Rock, Texas, from 2002-Present, Page II.

(a picture of my lab)

Here is a picture of my Commodore Lab as seen from the doorway.
The room is a converted-garage room which I tiled, built wall
desks for, and then painted.

(a picture of my PC50 and C= Colt)

The first system you see from the doorway is a pair of Commodore PCs.
The one on the left is the C= PC50, a 386DX with 8mb ram and 40mb hard drive.
I've patched in a SCSI card and CD-ROM to install Windoze 3.11 on it.
The machine to the right is a lowly Commodore Colt, an 8088 based machine I
have around to act as a 64NET server. It has lots of extra COM ports and
a little monochrome C= monitor.

(a picture of my bookshelf)

Three bookshelves and four stacked plastic parts drawers run along
one side of the lab. The shelves, organized by computer series, include
technical manuals, programming guides, software manuals, actual software,
and small hardware add-ons. The drawers are full of cables, connectors,
and other miscellaneous things one needs. In the bottom right, you can
barely see my component cases with lots of spare C= and other ICs, along
with other electrical doo-dads. On the top there, you can spot EOR. The
stuffed donkey is adorned with Commodore buttons.

(a picture of the rest)

Behind all the bookshelves is the remainder of my boxed up
Commodore computers, monitors, and disk drives. The bulk of
the printers, along with my magazines and typewriters, are
doomed to the attic above.

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