My home systems in Round Rock, Texas, from 2002-Present, Page III.

(a picture of my PETting zoo)

Along the back wall is my new PETting Zoo. From left->right, they
include the PET 2001-8, CBM 3008, PET 4032, CBM 8032, CBM 8296D, and
you can barely see the corner of my SuperPET SP9000.

(a picture of the PETting zoo)

Here is a wider angle of the PETting zoo. You can see the "bench" player
computers and disk drives on shelves above the ready-to-go systems, along with
other boxed drives in the highest shelf. You can also see that the main PETs
have their disk drives underneath the computers. They are hard to turn on and
off from there, but space is at a premium here.

(a picture of the 2001-8 and 3008)

In the farthest corner is my quaint little 2001-8k with blue trim. Beside
it is the European CBM 3008. I have a 220V-110V transformer to service the
two European machines in the PETting zoo (the other is the 8296D).

(a picture of the CBM-II system)

Straddling the back-right corner of the lab are my CBM-II systems. On the left
is the CBM 256-80, and on the right is the P500 (PET-II) color computer.
An 8250LP services them both.

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