My home systems in Round Rock, Texas, from 2002-Present, Page IV.

(a picture of my 1980s 8-bits)

The long wall of the room has a fun selection of 1980s 8-bits from
Commodore. This includes the VIC-20 with 1540, bread-box Commodore 64
with 1541, and Commodore 64C with 1541-II, and more below....

(a picture of my other 1980s 8-bits)

The rest of the computers along this wall are the Plus/4 (PAL/NTSC switcable)
with 1551, Commodore 128 with 2 1571s and a 1581, and the C65 with 1565.

(a picture of the rest of the 1980s 8-bits)

Riding above the monitors is a packed shelf with other computers waiting on deck
for use.

(a picture of the c65 and a1000)

In the near corner of that wall is the C65. It sits beside the A1000, which
is technically part of the Amiga wall.

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