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Eternal Chaos III Laws for Mortal Behavior

The following laws are not open for discussion or debate:

Law #01 : Treat what any immortal tells you as being a law.
Law #02 : No Cheating.
Law #03 : No idle clients.
Law #04 : Ignorance of these written rules is no excuse.
Law #05 : Healers and Altars are safe zones.
Law #06 : Don't ask immortals for help.
Law #07 : Whinning about changes is not allowed.
Law #08 : Do not give out your password or share characters.
Law #09 : Cussing or spamming on channels is not allowed.
Law #10 : No kill stealing.
Law #11 : No derrogatory comments directed at anyone, on ANY Channel.
Note also there are additional rules for PKILL under PKILL-RULES

Your presence here is a privilige not a right. Obey any orders from gods, and you will be fine. Deletion does not require a reason. Appeals are to be sent to Implementor.

Cheating will not be tolerated. If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it. No Multiple logins, Multiple playing, or helping your own characters with other characters you own -- by any arrangment. -BOTH- characters may be deleted. Do not log in more then one of your characters at once for any reason at all. This Includes powerleveling another character by weakening mobs or getting the mobs HP down low enough to make it an easy kill for someone else.

Sitting around idle with a client is hazardous to your health. If we catch you doing it, at a minimum you will lose half your playing time, at the most you will be deleted.

Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals. Make sure to keep updated. These written rules may change on occasion.

Don't wake players while they sleep, Don't cast unwanted spells on them, Don't give them unwanted items, Don't poison their items, Don't cast plague on them, Don't harrass their charmed mobs, Generaly don't be annoying to them. Please do not spam people at Recall, Altars or Healers.

Immortals are here to help create a fun and exciting time for you. They do this on thier own time, not when YOU want them to. DON'T keep pestering Imms to run a quest, you may just find yourself sitting in the Realm Of The Dead for awhile. DON'T ask Imms to help you find Mobs, Equipment, Quest items or Other Players. Don't ask Imms for special favors, spell-ups or how to get to a certain area. Do ask Immortals for guidence on the game rules or how to use game features.

Whining to Immortals about changes to the mud in any way is grounds for punishment or even worse, deletion. The Immortals spend a great deal of time programming, maintaining and running this mud for your pleasure.

For your security and ours we monitor internet addresses closely so that we may prevent unwanted people from getting into your account causing trouble for you and us.

We like you to feel comfortable here but we frown upon giving or loaning characters, as it upsets game balance and is unfair to others. This is one of the more serious offences and is punishable by deletion of your character and any others you may have.

If you THINK someone has your password, please see the HELP PASSWORD file to change your password, then notify an immortal right away, this will prevent you from getting into trouble.

Using Sexual, Racial or Religious epethets on any public channel, other than SPEW, will not be tolerated. You will be slain on the spot for indulging in such unhonorable actions. The SPEW channel has been setup for your crude and unhonorable actions. Use this channel for general cussing and whinning. Spamming on ANY channel is not allowed, you WILL get your channel privelges taken away.

No kill stealing. This means you cannot attack a mob someone else is fighting, unless they ask you to. Also avoid attacking fleeing mobs.

Using abusive Language on this mud at ANY time in ANY place will not be tolerated PERIOD! You may not directly abuse someone by calling them "F**king Asshole" or anything that would offend someone else. You may use NON-Directed cussing ONLY on the SPEW channel.

Breaking the Pkill rules is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such. You will not get off easy.

  • Killing someone that is helpless will earn you a KILLER flag.
  • Stealing from someone's corpse will earn you a THIEF flag.
  • DO NOT kill any player that has not had a chance to recover his/her corpse and had a resonable amount of time to recouperate from the last time he/she died (whether or not that death was by pkill is irrelevant)
  • DO NOT use pkilling as a way to harrass other players
  • DO remember EVERYONE is trying to have fun here and that pkilling is meant to add a little excitement to the game, not turn it into something that people cannot enjoy.


  • You may only kill a person ONE (1) time per 24 hour period. This is not to discourage pkill, but to prevent harassment. Do not attempt to get around this by using other characters you own to kill them.